The Angel’s Mistake


Are you boss of all the angels, God, I’d really like to know,
‘Cause they made a big mistake at my house just a day ago.
I’ve been praying every night, about a year or more,
That you’d send me a sister like the little girl next door.

This morning when I woke up I wanted to see my mother,
They told me in the night the angels brought me a baby brother.
And you should see him, God; he’s as ugly as can be,
I don’t know how your angels could do such a thing to me.

He has no teeth to eat with, no hair upon his head,
And he looks just like a tomato he’s so aufully red.
My Ma and Pa they seem to like him, I surely can’t see why,
For he can’t talk to them like me, and all he does is cry.

So won’t you please exchange him, God, he is still like new,
No one will know he is second hand, excepting me and you.
And then send me a sister, God, not one you have to hold,
I want a sister just like me, and I’m just four years old.

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