Have you ever watched a brand new daddy,
It’s really lots of fun.
He struts in a way that seems to say,
“Just look what I have done”.
He grows about three inches
And there’s expansion in his chest
And of all the babies in the world
He knows that his is best.

If you would see a chest expansion,
That would thrill you to the heart.
Just wait until he graduates
Into the Grandpa part.
He’ll start cutting capers
The like of which you’ve never seen,
He acts about ten years younger
His eyes hold a new gleam.

You would think he was the father,
And that’s no exaggeration,
He tells the world he’s starting
On his second generation.
Grandma gets a little jealous
You’ll often hear her say
“Why when my first baby came
He didn’t carry on that way”.

When I’d get the carriage out
And say, “Take Junior for a ride”,
He’d sneak into some corner
Where he would try to hide.
And now, he gets the carriage out,
Regardless of our talking
Says, “that baby needs an airing
And I’m going to lake him walking”

And when the baby’s sleeping
He’s as quiet as a mouse
And shushes every one that comes In
Or near the house.
And when the baby cries
He’s a Johnny on the Spot.
Says he knows exactly what to do
To make that crying stop.

And when he has the baby walking,
He will look from side to side,
To bo sure no one will miss
Seeing a Grandpa in his pride.
Don’t yoou worry Grandpa
If we do poke fun at you.
The truth is that we love it
And we’re proud of what you do.

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