Not very long ago I went on a diet,
Everybody else was doing it, so I thought I would try it.
Oh, yes, I lost a pound or two — but you would never know it,
For I have to lose about fifty pounds before I ever show it.

Now when they’d pass potatoes, cake, candy, pie or cheese,
I tried to look real natural when I’d say, “no thank you, please”.
No one knows how hard it is, or the temptations you meet,
Especially when you are so fond of all good things to eat.

In the morning with radio I’d count one, two, three, four;
At night before I went to bed — I rolled around the floor.
And then for a week or more my muscles, Oh! they’d ache,
And they’d only say keep at it when I thought my back would break

My dictionary is the only place I found sympathy,
My family thought it quite a joke and only laughed at .
Well, after staying off of good things and rolling all around,
One day I got up on a scale — and I had gained a pound.

I was so discouraged I said I’m going to quit,
Then my husband said something that soon decided II.
He said, “why do you work so hard and deny yourself like llml,
Why I wouldn’t want you if you were thin — I love you ’cause you’re fat”.

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