Giving Credit Where it is Due


I went to a football game one damp and chilly night,
There were a lot of things about the game I didn’t seem to like.
A fellow made a touchdown and the cheers that filled the air,
Well, I know you could have heard them if you lived three miles from there.

Now there were at least a half dozen fellows all sprawled out on the ground,
No one seemed to notice them for everyone around
Was cheering for the hero that crossed the goal line with the ball,
When they handed out the credit, just one man got it all.

That seemed so unfair to me, it was just as plain as day,
He could not have made that touchdown if they hadn’t cleared the way.
And the fellows lying on the ground had worked so awfully hard,
But just a lot of bumps and bruises they claimed as their reward.

As I thought about it, it brought a fact to light,
There is a lot of misplaced credit in other walks of life.
We single out a hero, send his praises to the sky,
And forget all about the fellow who cleared the way to let him by.

We honored all our heroes as they came back from the war,
Some were loaded down with medals, some didn’t even have a scar.
Many of our boys will go through life without a leg or arm,
Many died no doubt to keep the hero safe from harm.

Now don’t misunderstand me, they all deserve the honors they get,
But I’m trying to remind you of the fellow we forget.
It took the teamwork of all to win the victories that were won,
But just a chosen few will get the honors for what all of them have done.
Not those who cleared the way to let the hero go
But the ones who make the “touchdowns” they’re the ones who steal the show.

Then a little voice inside me said, you have no room to squawk,
You’d sorta change your tune if your walls at home could talk.
Why you pull that hero stuff yourself, it sorta seems to me
Running here, there and everywhere with your homemade poetry.

Folks pat you on (he back, say your poetry is grand,
How you keep all that in your head they do not understand.
But do they give any credit to that man that’s all alone
Looking at the clock and wondering when his wife is coming home ?

Who ate a warmed up dinner that he had to fix himself?
And found the sugar in the Frigidaire and butter on the pantry shelf.
No, you made the touchdown so the credit comes to you —
He is just one of those fellows who cleared the way to let you through.

So, I’d say life in general is like a football game — if you get anywhere
Remember there were others who helped to get you there.
Whether it is home, work, or play — it is very much the same,
It is the one who makes the touchdown that usually wins the fame.

So when you hand out the credit won’t you give it where It’s due?
Remember those who cleared the way to let the hero through.
And when you are claiming credit, don’t try to grab It all
For you are just the lucky fellow that crossed the goal line with the ball.

By admin