Life’s Fountain of Youth


Never measure youth by the years you’ve lived
For youth is a state of mind
Brought about by the joys and trials you’ve lived
And the marks that are left behind.
Never measure age by a wrinkled skin
For age collects no personal toll
Until your eyes reflect doubt and fear within
From the mirrors of your soul.

You are just as young as the faith in your heart
As old as your doubts and fears
As young as the joy and cheer you impart
As you travel through the years.
No one grows old by counting the years
Or the number of birthdays you’ve had
But you will grow old by counting the tears
And feeling the world is all bad.

When you become cynical or pessimistic
With distrust in the change of times,
You are soon a rusty old misfit
In body, in soul, and in mind.
If you look for the beautiful side of life
Though you are seventy or seventeen
You’ll have courage to weather its storm and strife
And never grow calloused or mean.

So worry not about the wrinkles you get,
Unless vanity is your goal,
The only wrinkles that should bring regret,
Are those that get in your soul.
Never worry about the grey in your hair
That’s no proof you are growing old,
A silver crown holds beauty rare
When youth still shines from the soul.

‘Tis said, “Laugh and the world laughs with you
Weep and you weep alone”.
I say, “Stay Happy and youth stays with you,
Old Age creeps in when you groan.”
Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage
On which we each play a tiny part.”
We act as we feel, while life turns each page,
We reveal what we have in our heart.

Though your Birthdays number eighty or twenty,
You can be old or young,
Have a life that is full or empty,
In the years that are to come.
Now measure your age by searching your heart
The Bible says, “KNOW THYSELF”
Are you old or young as you play life’s part?
You be the judge of yourself.

Then face each day with a smile and a prayer,
Have faith in God’s word of truth,
Thank Him each day for the blessings you share,
And you’ll drink from LIFE’S FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

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