Two buddies in young manhood, traveled the same road of life,
And then they came to a crossroad, as each took to him a wife.
As married couples they got together every now and then.
At the end of five years, let’s look and see what life had brought to them.

One has started up the ladder in the financial world –
The other, the same financially, has a little baby girl.
Five more years have rolled away, and let’s check up once more,
And see what ten years of marriage has marked up on the score.

One has climbed much higher on the ladder of success –
While with two lovely daughters, the other home is blessed.
Fifteen more years have rolled away before again they met –
This was a tragic meeting, for a wife lay cold in death –

The wife of the prosperous one, this left him quite alone,
In a home that was a mansion, but never a home.
Though he had lots of money, of children he had none,
While the other had two grown daughters, and a handsome little son.

There’s a moral in this story, you’ll find it if you try –
The things most beautiful in life, are those that money cannot buy.
The poor man looked much older, his face showed lines of care,
And yet the pride of a father, was plainly written there.

He’d worked very hard to buy the little home he owned –
Though it was not a mansion, it really was a home.
I’ll let you be the judge, the answer’s up to you,
Which buddy would you say is the richest of the two?

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