The Road to Happiness


One of our evening papers ran a little wishing well,
If you followed the directions closely your fortune it would tell.
Oh, they explained, you were not to take it seriously,
But each night I would figure out what my fate should be.

One night I found a message there, not only meant for me,
It had food for thought for everyone whoever you might be.
I felt that I should pass along this line of wordly wealth,

If you go to a doctor with a bad case of indigestion,
“What have you been eating, ” is usually his first question.
Then he will tell you what you should not eat, explain the reason why,
And tell you if you do not do it, you’ll get real sick and die.

The right food will aid digestion, that’s true we’ll all agree,
But there are other foods of life that can shape our destiny.
How little thought we give sometimes to what we feed our heart and Soul,
When peace of mind and happiness is everybody’s goal.

If you take your food of life from the table of dissatisfaction,
You know when you try it — it will have a sad reaction.
If you make fault finding your main dish, choose worry for desert,
It is from this sort of diet, that your peace of mind is hurt.

But if you will take your appetizer from the table they call SMILE,
Your main dish from the table marked DEEDS THAT ARE WORTHWHILE,
Your dessert from the table that LOVE alone can bless,
You will find in life’s cafeteria — THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS.

By admin