To honor old St. Valentine many years ago,
They set aside a “sweetheart’s day” as most all of you know.
It was a day for bashful lovers to somehow do their part,
To express with a little token, the love that’s in their heart.

Now things have changed along with the trend of times,
And you don’t have to have a sweetheart to receive a valentine.
Why they send them to their old maid aunts, their uncles and their dads
Or perhaps your mother is the sweetest valentine you’ve had.

And it makes me laugh when I think of the kind we used to get in the days of old,
Great big cardboard affairs – dressed up in hearts of red and gold.
And the shy young maiden would pick up one corner and she’d see “I love you”
And she’d pick up the other corner and she’d see “I hope you love me too”.

Then she’d take it from the box and hang it on the wall,
Where he’d be sure to see it the next time he came to call
And when he’d come they’d sit far apart on the old horsehair sofa he’d reach over and touch her hand
And they’d both gaze at the sweet nothings on the valentine and they would understand.

Could you picture such courtship in the young folks of today ?
For the time of bashful lovers is well upon its way
And if they sent such valentines as those, they’d most likely get them back,
With a note saying “Jeepers, creepers”, what could I do with that ?

Listen, Boy friend, if you expect me to stay your own sweet Valentine
Three pounds of delicious candy would bo more In my line
And in the old days when the boy friend wanted to kiss his lady love goodnight,
They’d shut the door and draw the shade and turn out all the light.

But today when they’re in the mood for love the shades need not be drawn,
It doesn’t make a bit of difference if the whole world In looking on.
And in the old days she couldn’t tell mother that he’d kissed her –
For she knew that she would scold and say he couldn’t come back again if he was going to be so bold.

But in these days the young folks seem to think it’s lots of fun
To tell Mom and Dad all that was said and done.
And I think our young folks are just as fine today,
As they were in the days of old
And underneath their frank and carefree manner
Lies a heart of purest gold.

And I’m sure old St. Valentine is happier
As he looks down from above
To know that in this day and age
He’s a messenger of every kind of love

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