God’s Greatest Gift


God sent an angel from heaven, down to this world of sin,
To find that which he thought most beautiful, and bring it back to him.
The Angel traveled here and there and everywhere, finally he chose,
That which he thought most beautiful, a very lovely rose.

He took the rose to heaven and laid it at the Master’s Feet
Said, “Master, I’ve come with that for which ye seek”.
“The Master said, ‘Tis lovely but I’m sure there must be
Something far more beautiful that you have failed to see”.

So the angel came back once more after looking all around,
Decided a Baby’s Smile was the sweetest thing he’d found.
He took a vision of a Baby’s Smile back to heaven with him
And said “Master, I found this bit of love and innocence in a world of sin”.

But again the Master seemed disappointed and said, “Thy work is not yet done,
The Babe is sweet and innocent but go once more, my Son.
How you’ve missed that which I seek I do not understand,
Remember, I am asking you to find God’s greatest gift to man.”

After many days of weary travel, the angel stopped at a lowly cabin door,
Where several small children were playing on the floor.
A Mother watched tenderly over them looking at each one,
Then the Angel knew he’d found that for which he’d come.

He took a vision of a Mother’s love and laid it on God’s throne
And said, “Master, I found this thing of beauty in a very humble homo,”
The Master smiled and said, “Yes my Boy, this time you are right,
A Mother’s love is by far, God’s greatest gift to human life.”

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