It seems that war clouds are always hovering over head, and we are asking WHY
Men in this day and age should be told to kill and die.
We covet no one eIse’s land, we expect from war no gain,
We know that heartaches and suffering are the rewards that we will claim.

And so it’s hard to understand just why wars should be,
But I believe there is a reason that only God can see.
You remember on Calvary Hill many years ago?
A blessed Mother gave her Son, and she too loved Him so.

I’m sure she was asking why these dreadful trials should come,
But like her Son, I’m sure she said: “Not mine, Oh Lord, but Thine own will be done.”
And even Christ, with all his faith, He asked that question too — (WHY)
But remember that He said “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do. “

And we should keep this in our minds, as we’re called on for our part;
hey will help us to bear our burdens, and keep hatred from our heart.
Today we know the reason why Christ died on Calvary Hill;
“Twas to redeem a world of sin”, and that was God’s own will.

Sometimes in this day when mothers are asked to give their sons,
They get the feeling God’s forsaken us, and that’s why wars must come,
But I do not believe that God’s forsaken us, but that He feels sometimes, that we’ve forsaken Him,
And once more he sees the need to redeem a world of sin.

I do not believe that God makes wars, they’re always made by man,
But I do believe that God can end them whenever He so plans.
And that wars will go on and on until the time has come,
That we have learned to count our blessings and say, “Thy Will be Done. “

You know, In this day and age, we get to feeling we’re so very smart,
That we can just about finish most anything we start.
And then God has to wake us up and show us in some way,
That Hestill controls the elements, and has the power to say

Just how far we can or cannot go,
And he does it every winter with an overdose of snow.
When great big cities are stopped right in their track,
They can’t go forward and they can’t go back.

You know, I have a feeling when God thought World War Two should end –
That He decided to give some of His dynamic power into the hands of men.
But in order to keep the world from being destroyed, it must be a nation he could trust,
And that’s why I feel, the atomic bomb was steered around to us.

For I’ve heard it said, and I believe it’s true –
That the splitting of the atom was discovered by a German Jew –
But if that mad “paper hanger” had had that atom bomb, well I’m right here to say
There’d be very few nations left in this world today.

Wars are developed from the hatreds of men – they’re carried out by the weapons that men produce –
But when God denies the power of His gift, they find these weapons of little use
For a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, you’ve often heard that said
An army might be ever so powerful, with brilliant men at its head –

But when God denies the power of His gifts of food, clothes and the proper weather,
Malnutrition brings on pestilence, and that power is broken forever.
Oh, we had so many examples in World War Two
That explained the power of God, and just what He could do.

When the Germans tried to cross the English Channel, there came an awful storm,
That upset their boats and turned them back, and their efforts met with scorn.
And in Italy they were rushing across the desert, just as they had planned;
Our guns and ammunition couldn’t stop them, but they were stopped by sand.

And then, Hitler was crushing Russia, he was sure that Moscow would fall soon
But winter arrived two weeks early, and that spelled Mr. Hitler’s doom.
I don’t know what these things mean to you, but somehow they do point out to me –
Just how all powerful, the Hand of God can be.

And that no matter how great or powerful our nation may be, God could quick turn the tide,
For no nation can win a war, unless God is on their side.
Have you wondered WHY – the atomic bomb is now in the hands of the enemy?
I believe it is His way of proving how useless it can be –
If any nation tries to use it on anybody else
They know they are sure to bring destruction on themself.

Now I’d like to tell you a little story I read in a magazine one day
About I Harry Lauder (during World War One) Here’s what he had to say.
lh mild, one day he received a message that the war had claimed his only son
And he too was asking, WHY his dreadful trial should come.

For awhile he was so broken hearted he felt he could not go on,
For that which he cherished most in life was taken from him and was gone.
After awhile he realized the best way to help himself,
Was to get out and get busy and try to help someone else.

So he picked up his bagpipe once more and he joined the army too,
Not to fight but to entertain the boys as he knew he could do.
One night the company he was with heard that soon they’d go over the top,
Then Harry Lauder said he saw something that opened his eyes a lot.

Every man in that company got down on his knees to pray,
II Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep – was the only prayer they knew to say.
That company of praying men he said painted a picture he’d never forget.
It also revealed something to him that filled his soul with regret.

Could It be we get so far from God and fall so far in sin,
That we must have such things as wars to bring us back to Him.
God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform,
And who can say – but from the conflicts of today a new world will be born.

God has blessed our land abundantly with gifts that only He can give,
We should be very grateful for this America in which we live;
But it’s time that we did something to show our appreciation,
If we expect God to continue to shower blessings on our Nation.

Here we’re free to worship as we choose, but far too many do not choose,
And unless we do something about THAT, that freedom we may lose.
So let’s make every day Thanksgiving Day, not just one day of the year –
And thank God with all our hearts for the blessings we have here.

And ask Him to guide our noble leaders in the way that they should go –
I believe they want to do the right thing, but sometimes they do not know.
Pray not only for peace, but for the strength and courage we’ll need to take the trials that are yet to come,
That will help us Io say, “Not mine, Oh Lord, but Thine Own Will be done.”

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