When God calls a loved one and life seems so dreary and gray,
Try to think of this little story, It might help drive your sorrow away.

There was once a little boy who was very fond of flowers,
In his own little garden he spent many happy hours.

One day he planted a climbing rose vine to grow up the garden wall,
He gave it very tender care until it grew so big and tall.

Up the wall and over and down on the other side,
Because he thought he had lost it — he often sat down and cried.

Years went by – this little boy grew to man – big and tall,
He found one day he was able to look over the garden wall.

A beautiful blanket of roses was the first thing that met his eyes,
The rose he thought gone forever, was in bloom on the other side.

And so we must feel of our loved one’s, when they have answered God’s call,
They too are blooming in all their splendor on the other side of the walI.

So let’s not be too sad or weary, though we do feel so much alone,
We know that they are happy In their new and heavenly home.

And they’ll be waiting there to greet you, when you have answered the call,
They will greet you in all their glory on the other side of the wall.

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