A kiss from the Daddy and to see his proud smile,
Then to hold in your arms your own baby child,
That’s heaven that only a Mother can know.
And it’s worth all the suffering through which we must go.

Oh! the strength of those wee baby hands,
That join two hearts together like iron bands,
Those dear little arms two hearts will entwine
With a love that’s so sacred it’s almost divine.

Have you ever wondered, if it is really worthwhile,
To hold in your arms your own baby child,
My dear I will tell you — if I had my choice
Of some wonderful talent, a beautiful voice,

A gorgeous home with enormous wealth,
Together with these I’d have strength and health,
But in order to have them it must be understood
I’d be denied the joy of Motherhood.

I might have been tempted had I never been blest,
With the joy of clasping a babe to my breast,
I might have been tempted, had I not known the bliss,
Of a baby’s arms and a baby’s kiss.

I might have been tempted if I never had known
What it means to a woman to call your very own,
A dear little babe of your own flesh and blood,
Oh! God’s greatest blessing is Motherhood.

It may be the first one — perhaps number ten,
But with each one comes a new joy over again,
For Mother’s hearts somehow hold a boundless love,
That must have been sent from the Heavens above.

For each new babe gets the same tender care
When another one comes there is more love to share.
We may want a daughter and receive a little son
But we are happy and contented when all is said and done.

In this world of ours, no home is complete,
That has not known the patter of little feet.
And no woman can give to this world her best
Until with Motherhood her life is blessed.

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