Where he goes you will go after today –
Where he lives you will live, close by his side you’ll stay.
In gladness or in sadness dear, what ere your fate may be,
Together you will share it all Unto Eternity.

This is your wedding day, it marks a milestone in your life,
For on this day you will become a very lovely wife.
Each time the wedding ceremony is read that makes two people one,
A Mother gives a Daughter, and another gives a Son.

There’s a line in the wedding ceremony that is pretty hard on Mothers
It says, “For the sake of one you love you must forsake all others. “
Folks often wonder why at weddings Mothers usually cry –
I think that little line explains the reason why.

From the time a woman becomes the mother of a little boy or girl;
To guide, protect and keep them becomes her little world.
When they want to leave her to become a groom or bride,
Mother’s world begins to tumble, for she must step aside.

His Mother wonders if you’ll take care of him as she loved to do –
And your Mother wonders if he will always be good and kind to you.
These words were never meant to dim the joy that’s in your heart –
Only to remind you that in that joy, two Mothers played a part.

The best way to repay them for the good deeds they have done,
Is to let his Mother gain a Daughter, and your Mother gain a Son.
As you travel the road of life may God’s blessings rest on you,
And help you to be grateful for the Mother who made your dream come

As you stand upon the threshold of a new step in your life,
We wish you every happiness when you are man and wife,
Muy your love for each other grow stronger as the years unfold,
And may God bless you with a family to have and to hold.

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