Where I lived there was a playground
Right across the way,
Where children of all ages
Run and romp and play.

Folks often ask me
“How do you stand that noise?”
Somehow it’s music to my ears,
These laughing girls and boys.

I have just one objection
To that playground ‘cross the way:
It causes me to waste more time
Than I can spare each day.

Just sitting out on my front porch
And looking across the street,
Well, the fun I see those children have,
Sure gives my heart a treat.

Why these hot days in the summer,
When we had such a hard time keeping cool,
And I’d watch those lucky children
Splashing in that pool;

Somehow I’d feel rather selfish
To complain about that noise,
When it’s made by shouts and laughter
Of our own dear girls and boys.

You remember where we used to play
When you and I were young?
On the sidewalks and in the streets,
Oh, we had lots of fun.

But if we had autos in those days
Like we have here today –
Well, some of us wouldn’t be here
To watch our children play.

And as time has changed the traffic
That rolls along our streets,
So we must change the children’s playgrounds
These obstacles to meet.

And I hope I will always feel
Just as I do today –
That there Is much happiness to be found
In that playground ‘cross the way

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