To Be the Mother My Children Think I am


Have you ever had days, when the whole day long
Everything you’ve done has seemed to go wrong ?
The clocks were slow, the whole family was late-
The flour bin was empty and you wanted to bake.
The wash machine broke when you started to wash,
And it was raining after you had it out on the line, of course.

You worked so hard and couldn’t get through,
Were due at the P.T.A. at half past two;
You declare it’s the worst day you’ve known in years
And soon find yourself shedding angry tears.

We all have those days, they are bound to come,
But those little cares usually leave with the setting sun.
And then comes the time I love best
As the sun goes sinking in the West.

Daddy comes home and the children, too,
For then both work and play are through.
A radio and easy chair, with all the family gathered there,
‘Tis then that life is sweet to me,
And home is what a home should be.

For these are the things that make life worthwhile,
Just Daddy, Mother, home and child.
While Kathryn dear and Majorie fair
Stand lovingly about my chair
And baby arms creep ’round my neck
And whisper of love — a bushel and peck.

Oh, the wonderful feeling — the heavenly bliss
A mother knows from an hour like this.
Then I look in their eyes, and what do I see
But a vision of what my darlings think of me.

There’s a beautiful picture in those eyes of blue
What a vision of Motherhood — if it only were true.
Why, they think we are angels, without any wings
That God has sent here to do the most wonderful things.

Though we may be as homely as homely can be
‘Tis what’s in our hearts that our children will see.
Then I resolve, as I tuck them in bed,
And each “God Bless Mother and Daddy” is said.
That I will try to be, with all my might,
The Mother I am In my children’s sight.

And when I bow my bond to pray, just one more prayer I say,
God forgive me for the ugly things I may have done today,
And help me, Oh help me as much as you can,
To be the Mother my children think I am.

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