Try to picture an army camp just after the noonday meal is thru
And someone shouts “Here comes the mail” – why folks I’m telling you,

You see soldiers come from everywhere – in one grand and glorious rush
And as he starts to call the names, there quickly comes a hush.

The expression on their faces is a thrilling sight to see
It seems to say “Oh please God, let him have one for me”.

As each different name is called some soldier shouts with joy
And hugs a letter to his heart as a small boy would a toy.

Then as the stack goes down and down you see some faces fall,
Turn and quickly walk away as the mailman says “that’s all”.

I’m told some boys in that camp join that mad rush every day
And yet no one has ever seen the mailman pass a letter down their way.

Perhaps their Mom and Dad have traveled on or there’s no one to call their kin
But each boy keeps on hoping that someone will write to him.

Won’t you be that someone, it’s such a little thing to do?
Yet a little time to drop a line may make a soldier’s dream come true.

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