Most folks are just Guinea Pigs for some Doctors of today,
They use these so called Wonder Drugs, on all who pass their way.

If you are one who just can’t take it, it simply is too bad,
You are in for a sick spell, you never should have had.

They use you for a Guinea Pig, and charge you for it, too –
While you land in a hospital, before the treatments through.

You start out with a common cold, and wind up in surgery,
I’m speaking from experience, so take a tip from me.

Be sure the doctor that you call, knows what its all about,
Choose one who wrote prescriptions, before these drugs came out.

He will study your illness, find out why you’re sick,
Before he shoots you full of Wonder Drug, to try and cure you quick.

It may take a little longer, to get back on your feet,
But you’ll know you’re growing stronger, and not going six feet deep.

There is one way they have helped, they have changed the conversation,
Women no longer talk about their operation.

They have something new to talk about, for every ache or pain they’ve got
It’s – I’ll have to see my Doctor, I need another shot.

New drugs and shots may help a lot, every now and then,
But as for me I’ll never be a Guinea Pig Again.

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