Some friends invited us to a picnic party, it was a place we’d never been –
But we were told we could have a lot of fun, we could dance or golf or swim.
So I packed a lovely picnic lunch, and we started on our way –
I had a hunch I was forgetting something, but just what it was I couldn’t say.

Now it was a very hot day, but this spot was nice and cool –
And nestled down among the hills was a lovely swimming pool.
I took one look at that pool, and knew why I’d had the hunch,
I had forgotten to bring along my men’s swimming trunks.

And then, no sooner had I thought about it, than up speaks our little son –
“Dad, look at that swimming pool – let’s go in and have some fun. “
“Mom, get our swimming suits, Dad and I are going in –
I want to show Daddy just how I’ve learned to swim. “

“Oh,” I said “Boys, I’ll have to tell you this, though it makes me hate myself,
But I forgot to bring your swimming trunks – they’re back home on the shelf. “
Well, Junior started in to cry as though his little heart would break.
And Dad said; “Well, we’ll see what we can do about it, just for Junior’s sake. “

There was a Sears Roebuck store in that little town that we came thru –
“Let’s get in the car, Junior, and go back and see what we can do. “
So after quite a while they came back and I could tell by their laughter,
Thill they had really found just what they went after.

And Dad holds up some flimsy cotton swimming trunks,
And said, “They’ll do for today – after we’re thru swimming, we’ll just
throw the things away. “

Truer words were never spoken, though he didn’t know it then –
But he was never going to wear those swimming trunks again.

Soon my men were splashing in the water in the pool,
And my mother and I found a nice spot where we could watch, where it was nice and cool.
And after a couple of hours she said “I’m getting hungry, don’t you think It’s IIme to eat?
You go call the men – I’ll get the food, and then you tell them where we’ll meet.

My husband must have been hungry too, for at first call scampered to the edge –
Bouynced up and down a time or two and then bounced up on the ledge.
Wind I miw then I’ll remember to my dying day –
I didn’t know whether I should laugh or scream, or get up and run away.

For my husband was sitting on the edge of that pool, looking anything but cute
With absolutely nothing on, but his birthday suit.
Finally someone hollered “Do you see what I see?”
And another said “Say, Bud, do you think this is a nudist colony?”

My husband turned around to see who they were talking to,
But when he saw that he was the one their eyes were on, back in that pool he flew.
And I got a little worried, I was afraid he’d drown –
’cause I knew he’d never come up again, until that swimming suit was found.

And finally he came out looking rather sheepishly,
And I tried to act a little like he didn’t belong to me.
But to that sort of behavior, he quickly called a halt,
And reminded me that it was really all my fault.

That not long ago I’d said I’d surely hate myself,
For leaving their swimming trunks back home on the shelf.
That’s the episode of the lost swimming trunks, and it will never be forgotten
And I know my husband will never wear, another pair that’s made of flimsy cotton.

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