Four ministers met for lunch one day
And they carried on a conversation in the usual way –
When finally the conversation drifted to temptation and sin,
And one of them mentioned he had a temptation inside of him.

That his congregation would be very disappointed in him,
If they knew how he like wine –
And if it were not that he was a minister of the Gospel,
He’d keep a little around all the time.

Well, another one spoke up and said
He too, had a temptation.
That with his congregation he’d lose all his good graces,
If they knew how he would love to play the races.

And if he were not a minister of the Gospel,
I’ll tell you where he’d be,
Right out at the race track,
Having a betting spree.

So the third spoke up and said he also had a temptation,
He was almost ashamed to tell it,
But he loved to look at beautiful women, and often wished he were able,
To sit in some secluded spot, with a beautiful woman across the table.

Now the fourth minister had said nothing,
Hut quickly got up and said he’d have to leave –
And they said – “Now wait a minute, Brother,
We’re sure you have a secret sin up your sleeve. “

He said, “Oh yes, I love to gossip,
And there isn’t any doubt,
That you fellows have given me plenty this afternoon,
To go out and gossip about.”

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