I not only had a wonderful father,
But a wonderful mother, too –
She set a splendid example
For us to follow through.

She knew how to smile and make life worthwhile,
When she was eighty-seven years young,
If we measure her years by the lack of her fears,
And the wonderful things she has done.

She had her trials too, but she weathered them through –
Refused to get lost in sorrow.
She did her adjusting, courageous and trusting,
With hope in her heart for tomorrow.

She had no fault to find with the change of time –
She loved riding in aeroplanes.
She got sick now and then, but when she was well again,
She forgot all her aches and her pains.

She had hair white as snow, and she kept it just so –
Few wrinkles you’ll find in her face –
She will always be a symbol to me,
Of lavender and lace.

May her family never forget the example she’s set,
As we travel the road of life –
To keep our eyes turned above, have faith in God’s love,
And her courage to weather its strife.

Though her steps had grown slow, and her hands shook, I know –
She never, never grew old –
Because her eyes would reflect, life held no regret,

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