Two mothers were talking about life’s trials and joys
finally the conversation drifted around to their teenage boys.
One said, “since my Jack is in high school, he’s as different as can be
The attitude he has at times will be the death of me.

From twelve years on, that boy has been growing like a weed –
And advice from his mother is one thing he’s sure he doesn’t need.
When I try to correct him – the way he looks at me,
Would indicate he thinks his mother is as stupid as can be.

He’ll say, “Mother, that idea is ancient. They don’t do it that way any more.
Instead of me, it’s you, who had better check up on the score. “
When I ask his father to talk to him he’ll say, “Oh, let the boy alone,
He’s going thru that mixed up stage – he has problems of his own. “

Well, I could handle my girls alright because I was once a girl myself
But what to do with a teenage boy has me high up on a shelf.
The other mother smiled and said, “I know just what you mean
I’ve had the same problems since my Bob reached his teens. “

How often I’ve tried Io figure out just what I should do
I found out that saying “Little, little trouble, big, big, trouble, is very, very true.
Or as Grandma used to say
When they are little they tramp on your toes – when they are big they tramp on your heart
It hurts to have your precious son feel his mother is anything BUT smart.

How I looked forward to the day when Bob would reach his teens
And I’d no longer have to scrub the mud mud out of his jeans –
And I’d remember on wash days — how I would fuss and wail
When I’d find his pockets tilled with nails, jelly beans and snails.

But he was such a happy little fellow – sorta kept me on the run,
Got into mischief now and then, but he was lots of fun.
He’d throw his arms around me sometimes and say “Gosh, I love you lots”
Oh it’s such a thrill to have your son think his mom is tops.

Now he thinks affection is kid’s stuff and he’s a kid no more –
Sometimes I get the feeling that he thinks I am quite a bore.
I often say to his father “You’d better tell your son to put on the brakes
But when it comes to this man to man talk, our Dad just don’t have what it takes.
So you see my dear with your problems, you are really not alone –
I suppose the same problems exist in every teen-age’s home.

Just then Mrs. Jones joined these mothers and she had two grown sons,
And everyone who knows her boys agreed – a splendid job she’s done.
They said, Oh, Mrs. Jones, you are just the person we want to see
Perhaps you can help us solve a problem that has us in a quandary.

We’ve been talking over the problems we have with our teen-age sons.
You’ve raised two splendid men – perhaps you can tell us how it’s done.
Mrs. Jones listened and smiled, then said, “I know what you’re going thr>
And I believe I can tell you the wisest thing to do. “

When my boys reached 14 years they joined the DeMolay.
I owe that organization a debt of gratitude for the fine men I have today.
The pledges they take at De Molay and try to live up to,
Will do more for your teen-age boys than parents could ever do.

They pledge to be humble and sincere, they promise to be good,
To serve God, country, their fellow-men and to protect womanhood.
They promise to avoid slander, walk upright before God and man
These pledges are the symbol of all parents master plan.

This is the same advice we try to give but there isn’t any question,
When it comes from the parents it doesn’t make the same impression.
So mothers if you want your boys to grow up the right way
Take a tip from Mrs. Jones – have them join the De Molay.

I’m sure every mother here will agree with me
That De Molay has helped your son a better boy to be.
Adding much to home life in the way of happiness and joy
By a better understanding of parents and their teen-age boy.

De Molay will help our boys grow into better men,
As they repeat those splendid vows over and over again
And boys, your parents will be happier and you’ll have a happier life
If you live up to the promises made each meeting night.

In closing this little story – I would like to say
May God bless our boys and God bless the De Molay.

This same advice could apply to the Scouts, or any other good youth organization,
for on the guidance of our youth today, depends the future of our Nation.

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