When I heard this story I thought It was funny as could be,
And I thought it was new and true when it was told to me,
But the first time I told it someone said, you know
Oh! I heard that story fifteen years ago.

It may be an old one folks and I hope it isn’t true,
But just as it was told to me I’ll pass it on to you,

This woman said she and a friend one night went to a picture show,
They got there in the middle of the picture, the place was dark you know,
Just as the picture reached the most interesting part of the plot,
The women next to them started coughing and it seemed she couldn’t stop.

So her friend reached over and she said to her,
Would you like for me to give you a little lozenge,
I have some in my purse that help me quite a lot,
She said, “If it will stop this coughing I’ll take anything you’ve got”.

So she reached in her purse pulled out a little box,
Handed the woman a tablet and presto the coughing stopped.
Soon the women leaned over and said “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done
If you don’t mind I’ll have another one”.

She thanked her once more before she got up to go,
So her friend was still holding the box in her hand as the lights came on in the show.
Then she turned pale as death as though she’d had an awful fright,
And looking at the box she saw Magic Plant Life.

Oh! she said, “what have I done, what ever will I do”
There could be poison in these things and to think that she ate two.
Why she could be dying right now, Oh! why didn’t l look,
I didn’t know I had two boxes the same size in my pocketbook.

They decided to go to a drug store there was one right up the street
And if he found they were poison they’d try to reach her by radio or the police.
So they hurried to the drug store and told their story there,
She said her friend was ready to faint so she put her in a chair.

The druggist said it will only take a minute, I’ll give these an examination,
But that minute seemed like hours before he came back with this explanation.
Lady your worries are over, these wouldn’t kill or cure,
There is nothing In these tablets but a little SHEEP MANURE.

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