While we were away visiting some of our relations,
I heard my husband say to his Uncle Jack, “So you’re a Belly Mason” ?
Really, I was awfully shocked; I thought it was a shame
That just because the man was fat, he’d call him such a name.

I didn’t say much about it then but when we got home that night,
I started in on him because I was mad enough to fight.
“That was a perfectly awful thing you said to your Uncle Jack today”.
He looks at me so wide-eyed and said, “Why, what did I say”?

“Oh, you know very well, young man, you needn’t act surprised”.
“Well, it just happens that I don’t know. Will you kindly put me wise” ?
“I’ll just bet they don’t invite us back to spend our next vaction
When, just because a man is fat, you call him a Belly Mason”.

He started to laugh, I thought he’d laugh until he’d choke.
And I was getting angry because I couldn’t see the joke.
“You act as if you swallowed a feather and you are tickled half to death.
I’d appreciate getting in on this joke if you have time to catch your breath.

“Gosh, you do get things balled up; how stupid can you be?
Why, I’m a Belly Mason; do you see any fat on me” ?
“Now, at that rate I suppose I’m wrong but I’d like an explanation.
Since you think you are so brilliant, just what is a Belly Mason” ?
“Why, it’s guys like me who never think of going to a meeting
Unless we know they are going to feed us and we are doggone sure of eating”.

Well, it was just a short time after that, about a month or so
They asked me to take an office in our chapter, don’t you know.
I was just delighted, I was johnny-on-the-spot.
I never missed a meeting and I looked around a lot.

I learned quite a few things that I never knew before,
That there are Stars that like to eat and that’s what they come to meetings for.
Why, sometimes in our chapter room you could count them on your hands
But downstairs where we eat I could never understand
Where all those people came from; they must have dropped from Mars!
So there are not only Belly Masons; there are also Eat’n Stars.

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