Christmas Day was drawing near and I was feeling blue
Because Old Man Depression was hanging around and there was so little I could do.

I couldn’t buy toys with money that I had to spend for shoes
And to tell my children Santa Claus forgot them seemed so hard to do.

So the future seemed quite dark to me as I was sitting there,
When a curly headed little fellow came and climbed into my chair.

He seemed to sense my worries and gave me a big kiss
And my troubles burst like bubbles right in that baby’s lips.

Then in the door came my two daughters, they’d been rolling in the snow,
They were laughing and happy and their cheeks were all aglow.

And as I looked them over they were pictures of good health,
I’d been sitting there complaining, why I’m rolling round in wealth.

I wouldn’t trade my baby’s lips for a chest of shining gold,
Nor the health of my three children for all the toys this room could hold.

Then I got that Christmas Spirit and I wrote this little poem,
I was thankful for my family and thankful for my home.

Thankful for a lot of things I hadn’t thought about before
Exchanging gifts for Christmas worried me no more.

So if ever Christmas is drawing near and you get to feeling blue,
Just start counting up the blessings that God has given you,

And I’m sure you’ll be happy if you’re just well enough to say
A hearty, healthy Merry Christmas to All on Christmas Day.

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