My dad was a barber, and used barber towels galore,
My mother washed on Monday, from six A. M. to four.
Washing was work in those days in the old fashioned way,
There were no electric washers, like we have here today.

The dishes were waiting for me, stacked sky high –
I washed dishes on Mondays ’til I thought I would die,
I remember as I washed them, I thought to myself,
“Gee, I wish I belonged to somebody else. “

When I grow up and get married, there is one thing I know,
The man I marry is gonna have a lot of dough.
I’ll never make my kids work when they wanna play –
I’ll buy them candy and ice cream most every day.

And I’ll let them go out every night in the week,
And never a cross word to them will I speak –
And I’ll let them go where they want to go:
I’ll be a mother that never says “no.”

But today my kids wash dishes with the self same regrets,
Because a man with the money I didn’t happen to get –
And there’s never a week goes by that I don’t have to say “no,”
To what they’d like to do, or where they want to go.

But children, remember, your Mom is your best friend in this world
II’ you want to make her happy, be a good, sweet, lovely girl.
In your joys and in your trials, let her have a part,
I”or her life revolves around you, you’re the treasure of her heart.

And as I close this little rhyme, I’d like to leave this thought with you
We hope that life will treat you kind – that all your dreams come true
But life’s a game of give and take it, a little bad comes with the good
Life is a great deal what you make it, try and make it what you should.

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