When you are thinking of vacations, and you don’t know where to go,
Stop in and get a booklet from the good old B & O;
Whether it’s white lights of Broadway or mountains capped with snow
You’ll find just the place you’re looking for along the B & O.

If you’re going to see the kinfolk, who live down on the farm,
And you want to get the kiddies there without a hurt or harm;
If you haven’t just decided the way you want to go –
Take my advice and travel on the good old B & O.

Some folks travel round in aeroplanes, they say it’s quite a thrill,
But don’t forget there is a chance that you might take a spill –
It only takes just one drop and six feet under ground you go,
So until I’m tired of living, I’ll ride on the B & O.

Some folks ride the motor coach, well, I’m right here to say –
Of course, I don’t want to knock them, because knocking never pays,
But if I want to ride in comfort, no matter where I go,
You will find me in a Pullman, on the good old B & O.

Now some folks think it’s stylish to say we’re traveling in our car,
But usually it’s just an old machine, before they’re very far.
When forced to detour on a mud road where another car can’t pass,
And discover when she won’t go you’re entirely out of gas.

Then when you get her going and you hear an awful crack,
And you have to change a tire, with rain a-pouring down your back.
Well, it’s anything but funny and there’s one thing that I know,
The driver is a wishing he was on the B & O.

After covering about 500 miles and you’re just as tired as sin,
And the dust and dirt of traveling, sorta gets beneath your skin.
And you are wishing for a wash room with running water hot and cold,
Just remember then, they have them on the good old B & O.

Then when you’re feeling hungry and you haven’t time to stop,
And you chew a dried out sandwich, and you swallow down some pop –
Perhaps you won’t admit it, but your mind is there I know;
With the comfort of the diner on the good old B & O.

Tonight we had the joy of hearing part of that great crew,
Who help to run this B & O, and they have thrilled us thru and thru –
With song in splendid harmony, it surely was a treat,
When it comes to entertainment, your Glee Club can’t be beat.

And while we listened to your lovely voices, we were certain of one thing;
If you can run a railroad half as good as you can sing –
When we think about vacations, no matter where we go,
You can rest assured we’re traveling on the Good Old B & O.

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