I was asked to be humorous in my talk about mothers tonight
But somehow I’ve never found Motherhood on the funny side of life.
To me it’s always been a very serious problem – too serious I suppose
With all the thrills, joys and heartaches every mother knows.

If there is a funny side to motherhood, the prize should go I’d say
All tied up with ribbons to the Grandmas of today.
You know, Grandma gets so excited about what our young folks do
But you just keep an eye on Grandma, soon she’s trying to do it too.

Grandma says, “Oh, the young girls are so different than the girls were in my day
And if I were their mother – indeed they wouldn’t carry on that way.
Why they are just so artificial – there’s nothing natural about them anymore”.
And then Grandma has an appointment with the hairdresser for a permanent at four.

She’ll say, “they paint themselves like Indians and someday they’ll regret it”
And then daughter has to hide her make-up box where Grandma will not get it.
She says “they start out when they should be coming home – it’s awful the hours you let them keep”.
But often we’ll notice Grandma’s trying to catch up with her sleep.

Yes, Grandma, young folks have changed – on that we’ll all agree
But Grandmas have changed too – it sort of seems to me.
If I remember right about thirty years ago – at fifty they’d begin
To wear a little black bonnet that ties underneath the chin.

Tho you fuss about our young folks Grandma, we know you like them that way.
You wouldn’t want things any different than they are today.
Tho we smile about your fussings – we feel the same about you
And may you keep on growing younger as you travel this life thru.

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