Judy was a lovely child a little girl of three,
And she was just as pretty as a little girl could be.
Great big blue eyes, complexion like a rose,
Folks just fall in love with her no matter where she goes.

And she was smart very smart too smart at times I’d say,
She asked a hundred questions every single day.
Judy had a way of making up with everyone she’d meet,
And she liked to visit with the neighbors on the street.

While she was visiting Mrs. Jones, the grocer came her way
Mrs. Jones said, “wait a minute grocer my bill I’d like to pay
After the grocer had gone up speaks little Judy,
“Will your money stretch Mrs. Jones will it do double duty” ?

My Mommy’s won’t that’s why she can’t pay the grocer that comes to us,
The last time he came he made an awful fus,
He told my Mom he wasn’t going to bring her any more
Until she paid the big bill she had at the store.

I heard her tell my Daddy when he came home that night,
They thot I was sleeping, but I heard them fight
I heard Mommy say she couldn’t make her money stretch,
She had to do double duty with every dollar she gets.

Then daddy said, “you’ll have to stretch it or we will not eat
When I said, “how do you stretch it Daddy”, he said “Judy go Io sleep”
If you’ll tell me how you stretch yours I’ll tell my Mom and then
She can pay the grocer and he’ll come back again.

Mrs. Jones quickly changed the subject, Judy I must clean my upstalrs a bit
You come on up with me I’ll tell you where to sit
So she took Judy up stairs and sat her in a chair
Got out her dust mop and whisked it here and there.

Then she got another shock for the next thing Judy said,
“Oh, Mrs. Jones you should see the dust underneath our beds
My Dad says as a housekeeper my Mommy takes the prize,
But I don’t think she wants it, ’cause sometimes she cries.

Then Daddy puts his arms around her and gives her a big hug
And says I love you honey if you do sweep the dirt beneath the rug.
Mrs. Jones was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to say,
So she told Judy to run on home and come back some other day.

The moral of this story is if you do not want your troubles known
Take a tip from Mrs. Jones, and Keep Your Little Ones Home.

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