Heard this little story on my radio the other day,
Found a world of meaning in what it had to say.
It told of a woman that had lost an only child,
The experience made her bitter — from then on she never smiled.
Until her closest friends grew weary of her tears.
And left her with her sorrows to struggle through the years.

One night she dreamed she was in heaven, it wan very lovely there
So peaceful and quiet, and there were children everywhere
She noticed the children held lighted candles In their hands,
To find her own little child, each tiny face she scanned.

Finally she saw him, but his candle held no flame,
When she asked him why, she found she was to blame.
They light my candle, Mother, but your tears put out its light,
Won’t you leave my candle lighted after tonight ?

Now that is just a little story from that land beyond the sky,
But there are many things in this world to which it might apply.
An unkind word, an ugly deed, will often do its part,
To squelch the flame of happiness in another person’s heart.
So, let your deeds be deeds of love as through this world we’re going,
Then in this land, and up above, we’ll keep the candles glowing.

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