We look with pride on this group of women gathered here today,
Knowing we are all fellow workers in our P. T. A.
It really is inspiring for it most certainly would show,
How true it is that MIGHTY OAKS from Little Acorns grow.

How wise we were to choose the Oak Tree as our emblematic seal,
Il symbolizes the strength and growth our P. T. A. reveals.
Its trunk stands for the nation, its branches the states would share,
Its twigs the different P. T. A. units, its leaves, members everywhere.

Its roots stretch through cities, towns and into the homes too,
To furnish the seeds or acorns, the P. T. A. planted for you.
I like to feel each P. T. A. unit is an individual tree,
That is doing a wonderful work, in its own community.

Its trunk represents the school, its branches the teachers would share –
Its twigs the P. T. A. , its leaves the members there.
Its roots stretched through the community, until they touch every home,
To nourish the needs of brotherly love the P. T. A. has sown.

Each tree gives joy and protection to the children passing by,
To fill all these trees with member leaves, is the task for you and I.
I’m sure I do not have to tell you what P. T. A. membership means,
In the welfare of our boys and girls, it is the answer to our dreams.

Spread the good news far and wide, so all parents may have a part
I n P.T.A., thus help the teacher help the treasure of your heart.
May God be with us in this noble work, as seeds of love we sow –
So the P.T.A. can prove to the world, MIGHTY OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW.

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