Keep smiling, Mother Dear –
We know it’s hard to do,
But Mother’s smiles will help so much,
To pull your darling thru.

Where there is life there’s hope, My Dear,
So don’t give up the ship –
Be patient, true and hopeful
Keep stiff your upper lip.

Have faith in your physician,
He’ll do all that he can do.
Be confident the nurses
Will try to help you too.

Our Savior watching from above
Knows just how much you care –
Ask him to give you strength to smile,
I’m sure he’ll hear your prayer.

Although the clouds look dark today,
The sunshine follows rain,
And soon that little child of yours,
Will be well and strong again.

If God so wills, I’m sure that He
Will send a bright tomorrow,
If you’ll lift up your eyes today
And smile away your sorrow.

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