You’ve heard the saying no doubt that what cures one will kill another,
Well, I found out that pills given to the daughter will not cure the mother.
I found it out the hard way by experience, sad but true,
It’s surprising that I’m here after all that I went through.

My daughter was dieting and losing pounds you know,
One look at me will convince you I could lose a pound or so
I couldn’t see any reason why we should pay a doctor twice,
I thought I’ll just swallow some of her pills and follow his advice.

I know now it sounds silly but somehow I didn’t dream,
The effect could be so different when there is thirty years between,
Oh, I didn’t start in right away, I thought I’d wait and see,
Just what effect they had on her before I tried them out on me.

Well she was doing wonderful, getting nice and slim,
The scale said I was heavier so I thought that I’d begin,
I asked her all about her pills and when I understood them right,
I decided I’d try those first that curb the appetite.

Now that was just a little pale green pill, it looked innocent as could be,
And I hadn’t any idea what that pill could do to me,
I took half in the morning, felt no effect in any way,
So I took the other half as I was told later in the day.

An hour after it was down I got to feeling awfully funny,
Things started going ’round, I had such an upset tummy,
And in another hour I was really ill,
My face had turned the color of that little pale green pill.

Couldn’t even get my clothes off, just flopped on the bed
And yelled someone bring an ice bag for my poor aching head.
The sad part about it is I got no sympathy,
The idea of taking someone else’s pills was as silly as could be.

It curbed my appetite alright I lost a few pounds quick.
The very thought of food for one whole week made me deathly sick.
So I’ve decided definitely never again to try a stunt like that,
I’ll take only what’s prescribed for me, or else I’ll just stay fat.

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