Best wishes to the boys and girls standing here tonight,
Bight on the threshold of a new step in your life;
You feel a bit like you have reached the parting of the ways,
Ah you bid farewell to your friends of your high school days.

You wonder what your college days hold in store for you –
Will you find the joy you hoped for – will all your dreams come true?
Will your teachers and professors be understanding and kind –
Will you meet new friends you like as well as those you left behind?

Your friends all wish you happiness, you know your parents do too,
But remember your happiness in the future, depends a lot on you.
There may be times your patience and your conscience go through a rigid test,
But remember then, there is no disgrace in failure if you have done your best.

You’ve heard that little saying, and I think it’s very true –
Give Io the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.
With new friends and new surroundings, new temptations you will share –
Then remember the Master up above is ready to listen to your prayer.

Hiding your problems from your parents is anything but smart;
You know they are always ready to do more than their part.
And don’t forget to write to them if you are away –
They will appreciate your thoughtfulness more than words can say.

May God bless all of you as you go your separate ways,
May He guide and protect you all through your college days;
May you ever grateful to those who helped you get your much needed education,
For you will hold the magic key to the future of our nation.

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