The Letter Carrier leads a very thrilling life,
But it would never do for him to have a jealous wife,
For he has women running after him every single day,
Waiting on their porches for him to pass their way.

If he happens to have the letter they are waiting for,
They tell him he’s the one man they simply just adore.
There isn’t much about those he serves remains a mystery,
Before he serves them very long he could tell their history.

He knows if folks pay their bills, he knows if they do not,
For that upper left hand corner can tell an awful lot,
He knows when folks are ill, he knows when they are well,
He knows how to keep his mouth shut about things he shouldn’t tell.

He must have a sense of humor and a pleasing personality,
If he is the kind of mailman folks expect him to be.
He must be a good Samaritan almost every day,
Helping those he serves at times, in a most unusual way.

He knows all the children who live for miles around,
Often when a child gets lost, it’s by the mailman they are found.
Sometimes a pet cat or dog will decide to go astray.
And it is the mailman who spots him as he travels on his way.

There are times he knows a letter will cheer somebody’s heart.
So he will go a little further than just the mailbox part.
He’ll go up and ring the bell and wait at the door,
To see the joy and happiness his delivery has in store.

He makes a lot of new friends every single day,
And never seems to mind too much the price he has to pay.
He sees life at its very best he sees it at its worst,
He knows the value of a smile to turn dark clouds in reverse.

He knows when folks have visitors or if their loved ones are away,
And when they write on post-cards, he could know what they say.
He knows when folks have birthdays and anniversaries too,
He knows when someone in his neighborhood has a baby sweet and new.

The outside of a letter can tell an awful lot,
About the joys and sorrows that most everybody’s got.
He is a messenger of good will but sometimes his day is sad,
When called on to delivery a message and finds the news was bad.

His vast experience with human nature makes him a better man,
Realizing happiness is gained through following the golden rule plan.
Doing unto others as you would have them do to you,
And a soft answer turneth away wrath and makes your dreams come true.

That is why most letter carriers are friendly regular guys,
The mistakes they’ve seen others make helps to make them wise.
When they reach retirement time they can dream until life ends.
Of the good that comes, from a job well done, blessed by a thousand friends.

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