Well mothers, how did you feel when this school year began
And your Bobs and Bettys ran off hand in hand,
To meet their new teachers, to learn the new rules
And join all their little friends at school.

Did you feel sort of relieved as though your work was done?
And the work for the teacher had only begun.
Did you rush around home, clean up your flat?
Powder your nose – put on your hat,

Jump in your car and drive into town
Saying, “Now there is not a thing in this world will hold me down
I’ve bothered with my kids the whole summer through
Now it is up to the teacher to see what she can do.”

I’m sure that doesn’t mean you but I’ll venture to say
There really are mothers who do feel that way.
All through the summer they let their children run wild
Then they expect the teacher to make over that child.

And when the teacher fails at this impossible task,
What is wrong with that teacher is about what they ask.
Some parents complain and feel sadly neglected
When their child doesn’t make the grade they expected.

And they’ll blame the teacher for partiality shown
Forgetting she has forty besides your own.
They haven’t time to be partial, so search your own heart,
Ask yourself this, have I failed in my part.

Let each parent ponder this thought for awhile,
How can I help the teacher to help my child.
I overheard one of the teachers in the school hall
Say, “If we could just get these mothers to call,

And talk to the teachers for a little while,
Why sometimes in five minutes we’ll learn more of their child,
Of their ways, their habits and what they really can do,
Then we might discover in that child in the whole year through.

Now parents, that seems such a small thing to ask,
And yet I believe that is our part of the task,
So call on the teachers, talk to them for awhile
And help the teacher to help your child.

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