We left dear old Cincinnati feeling tired but very happy.
After spending a nice week end at home,
I planned to grab a little sleep on that convertible’s back seat –
The little car that Al and Doris own.

We had three hundred miles to go, glad there was no ice or snow.
It was cold and the wind was rather brisk,
We’d be driving half the night, but that would be all right,
For you can do sixty on that road without a risk.

About seventy miles from town, without a house or garage around,
Al informed me that a tire was going flat.
I said “Get your tools and spare, and I’ll soon be with you there –
Together we will make short work of that. “

I felt ’bout ninety years old when I crawled out in that cold –
And Al handed me the only wrench he had.
Well the bolts were badly rusted, and the darned old wrench was busted,
And both of us were feeling pretty sad.

We had to tug and pull and jerk, to move that wheel was really work,
But as yet we didn’t know the half of it –
His mother’s car was like his own, it was her spare he brought from home.
We discovered on his car it wouldn’t fit.

It now was almost midnight, not a thing but trees in sight –
And we were due for class at eight A. M.
II was anything but fun, we knew something must be done –
To get that old bus rolling once again.

So with a flashlight I did try, to stop someone going by –
And I’ll remember this until my dying day,
How they’d slow down to a slide, and when I would step aside,
They’d give her gas and quickly speed away.

At first I couldn’t understand why they thought I was a hold-up man,
But I guess I was a mess, and looked the part –
Changing tires on the street makes your appearance far from neat,
But those brush-offs I found anything but smart.

I was truly perplexed, wondering what I should do next
When coming down the road we saw a trailer truck.
Oh, if only he would stop, he could help us out a lot –
And I started praying for some better luck.

Our hearts were filled with joy when he said “Can I help you my boy?
With this load of soap I’m Indianapolis bound –
There’s a garage not far away that is open night and day –
Get your spare, I’ll take you in to town. “

Al grabs that pesky flat, said “before long I’ll be back,
In the meantime, Carl, take good care of my wife. “
So we climbed in the car once more, I grabbed a blanket off the floor
For I was colder than I’d been in all my life.

I covered up from head to toe, left the bright lights all aglow,
Forgot about the watch I was to keep
Until I heard Doris shout, “Carl, our lights have all gone out, “
Then I realized that I had gone to sleep.

Now our battery was dead, and the thought flashed thru my head –
I’d better warn folks with the flash light we are here.
Three hours I worked at that and still Al wasn’t back,
This poor old heart of mine was filled with fear.

Another hour went by, gosh what happened to the guy
I’ve never known a night that looked so black,
When what is this I see, Hallelujah, Glory be,
Why that same old trailer truck was coming back.

Forty five miles to Indianapolis he had gone, dumped the load that he had on –
All that time we had been sitting, waiting, there
Thank heaven what relief, there was joy beyond belief –
For he also had our Al and that old spare.

But our troubles were not done, there were still more trials to come,
For the battery was dead as dead could be.
We put the wheel on in a rush, now to get someone to push –
Once more that hold-up job was up to me.

So with the flashlight in hand, on the road I took my stand –
Determined this time I was going to hold my ground.
Even if I had to die, I just would not let them by –
To do it they would have to run me down.

Once more we were in luck, for here comes another truck.
He stopped, but found his bumper was too high –
We quickly gave up hope when he had no towing rope,
And thanked him for a very noble try.

Soon more headlights were seen, this time a small machine,
So I waved that pesky flashlight to and fro –
It was a young lady and a man, and they seemed to understand,
Said they’d do their best to help us go.

Without lights Al couldn’t see just where the road would be,
So with flashlight on the road I tried to run –
Well I really did my stuff, but I wasn’t fast enough,
And we realized that simply couldn’t be done.

They said “Carl, get back in the car, hold the flashlight out real far,
Perhaps Al can see the road to drive like that,”
So I open the door, another mistake goes on the score,
Like a flash, out goes Buttons (that’s the cat).

Yes, Doris had her little kitten, with fear the cat was smitten,
From all the bumping and the banging we had done.
She just couldn’t hold him down, and when an opening he found –
Out he went and started on the run.

Now we couldn’t ask those folks to wait, so we left Buttons to his fate.
Al said “If we get this old bus going, back we’ll come. “
So I held that flashlight from the car, before they pushed us very far,
So were glad to hear our motor start to hum.

When we were sure that she was started, we thanked our friends and they departed.
Al turns the car around and we went back
To that pesky spot once more, where we set for hours before –
Three weary people, looking for a cat.

Thank the Lord his fur was white, and that cat’s eyes shine at night,
Or I guess we would be looking for him yet –
But much to our surprise, our light caught his green eyes –
Poor pussy had a night he won’t forget.

It was close to four A. M., we were on our way again,
Wondering if we’d be in class at eight.
Doing sixty-five we could make it, but could that old bus take it,
For If she stopped once more we’d all be late.

Hungry, tired, and dirty, we reached Valparaiso at seven-thirty,
And managed Io be in class before the bell.
I look bark and laugh today, but I’m right here to say,
It wasn’t near as funny as it is to tell.

After all we did survive, it is good to be alive –
We are grateful to those folks who helped us out –
And if we have what it takes to profit from mistakes,
The next time we’ll know what it’s all about.

The trials we lived through should teach us what to do
Especially if we plan to take a trip,
That we had better have two spares with tools ready for repairs,
And be certain that the spares we have will fit.

If our night of sorrows gives us wisdom for tomorrow;
If its memories cling and help us realize,
That we usually make our breaks, that we pay for our mistakes,
Then that night will be a Blessing in Disguise.

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