I was as surprised as I could be,
When a doctor’s wife said to me,
It isn’t easy to be a doctor’s wife.
There are trials we go through
And things we have to do
To live a happy, healthy, normal life.

Unselfish we must be,
There should be no jealousy.
We should be willing to share our husbands from the start,
We must be Miss Personality plus
Over him must make a fuss
There are others who may try to win his heart.

We should enjoy staying home,
To answer his telephone –
Not mind at all if for dinner he is late,
Or if the party you had planned,
Gets completely out of hand,
Because Mrs. Bradley’s baby wouldn’t wait.

We should stay healthy too,
Your husband expects that of you,
He has listened to sick women all day long.
His patience have been taxed,
He comes home to relax,
To find his wife complaining is all wrong.

Raising your children too,
Depends mostly on you,
For daddy dear is only home in spots,
So all scolding and correction,
Seems to come from your direction,
So your children think their daddy is just tops.

I envied at one time,
Wives of these doctor friends of mine,
With all their clothes, convertibles and such.
But from now on I’ll be happy,
With my poor hard working pappy,
And not fuss because he hangs around too much.

Folks I’m confessing this taught me a lesson,
Not to judge others by what our eyes may see.
Never envy anyone,
For after all is said and done
I’m sure a poor doctor’s wife I’d be.

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