“In the beginning, God” are the first words our bibles say,
But it’s “In the beginning, Mother” in our story of today.
Mol her in the beginning and Mother at the end,
As the wheel of life turns once around, and starts out new again.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,
And then he gave it Mothers, to prove what it was worth.
God gave the world the sunshine, the dewdrops and the showers,
He gave the trees that wondrous green, breathed perfume in the flowers.

He gave the earth the nighttime with moon and stars above,
Then gave the breath of life to us and filled our souls with love –
And then he gave a priceless gift, surpassing all these others –
God gave his richest blessing, when he gave to us our Mothers.

The wheel of life turns slowly round, as on thru life we go –
And little baby boys and girls to men and women grow–
And when they find their mate, then wedding bells will ring –
And from this new union, another life will spring.

And so the wheel of life turns slowly round, forming generation after generation,
While Mothers play the biggest part in the building of a Nation.

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