As I look back upon the years
That I’ve already spent
And ask myself this question
Am I satisfied? Content?

With the way I’ve used these years
If I had the chance once more
Would I spend them in the same way
That I have done before ?

Have I given to my children
All the love that I could give ?
Have I made them glad that I was the one
Who brought them here to live?

Have I made my life an example
They would want to copy from
Am I proud of the way I’ve raised
Each daughter and each son?

Are my children proud of me
In all I say or do
Have I done all in my power
To make their dreams come true?

If I can answer “Yes” to this
And know my answers right
Then I’ve been a real good mother
And have lived a real good life.

And when I reach the pearly gates
They will beckon me to come
And say, good and faithful servant
Thy work has been well done!

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