There is a beautiful land that knows no fear, no sorrow or no pain
But we must leave those near and dear, this heavenly home to gain
We like to feel that loved ones gone, to that beautiful land above
Each day are looking down upon, the ones on earth they love.

We should never mar the peace their resting souls would know,
By letting our lives be filled with grief, because they had to go.
For if they could talk to you, I’m sure they would say
“My loved ones it grieves me too, to have you grieve that way”.

Why I’m happier than I’ve ever been or could ever be down there,
In a land that knows no pain or sin, but only love and prayer
Around me are angel mothers, angel children too,
Here every man is your brother, who shares his all with you.

Here I’ve found the peace somehow, for which my soul has yearned.
If you could only see me now, you’d never wish for my return.

The laws that govern this fair land are faith, hope and charity,
Ever faithful to Gods ten commands, throughout Eternity.
Now you know my loved ones why I say this is my choice,
You know why I am happier here so let your hearts rejoice,

It would be nice to have you with me but I would not have you come
For you must live your lives on earth until God says ’tis done
But I’ll be waiting in this land of peace forever and forever,
Until all your lives on earth shall cease then we’ll all live here together”.

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