BEAUTIFUL OHIO, God gave you what it takes, To play your
part right in the heart of the UNITED STATES. He
blessed your land, with gifts so grand, only HE can give,
Thus He made OHIO a glorious place to live

BEAUTIFUL OHIO, we sing your praises loud; History
brings so many things of which we’re mighty proud.
With beauty rare for all to share, a power in industry,
Every day, this prayer I say, “So may it ever be”.

seven Presidents up unto this date. Scenic thrills,
valleys and hills, yield to rolling plain, Fertile soil,
sun and toil, fills fields with golden grain.

BEAUTIFUL OHIO, GOD showered His grace on thee,
Weather-wise you take the prize, there’s no monotony.
The reason, changing seasons, all glorious to behold,
Winter white, the green of Spring and Autumn’s red and gold.

BEAUTIFUL OHIO, where God’s gifts know no bounds, Mother
Earth proves her worth, with treasures underground. Mine-
rals and oil for honest toil plus sandstone and clay,
Makes our good old Buckeye State TOPS in the U.S.A.

BEAUTIFUL OHIO, passed history would reveal; You were
wise in your choice of each Emblematic Seal, The Red
Cardinal our Bird, the Red Carnation our Flower, Red
stands for Love and in Love there is power.

Love of God and Country, our fellowmen and neighbors too
When God and Man walk hand in hand, dreams of life come
true. BEAUTIFUL OHIO, ’tis my prayer you’ll always stay,
As dear to future generations as you are to us today.

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