The best way to build for tomorrow,
Is to do your best today,
Raising your children to be good citizens,
Honest in every way.

To honor their Mother and Father,
Have respect for their teachers too.
And by setting an example for them,
By watching what you say or do.

For children like to copy,
They want to be like Mom and Dad,
They will try to follow your footprints,
Be they good or bad.

I’m sure parents are not always to blame
For the wrongs their children do,
But if you can be proud of your children,
It is like having a dream come true.

It is hard to plan for future education,
Things are changing every hour.
They may find a way to educate by television
Or some sort of atomic power.

So I repeat; the best way to build for tomorrow
Is to do your very best today,
Training your children to be good citizens,
Ask God to help you along the way.

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