In beautiful October we see the glory of Fall unfold,
Nature dons her royal robes of glorious red and gold.
The hills of Cincinnati will go on dress parade,
Where God’s Symphony of Color is so beautifully portrayed.

Enjoy it while you may, soon winter winds will blow,
Whist away those royal robes bereft of all their glow.
From their castle in the trees the leaves will tumble down
To find their chosen spot somewhere on the ground.

Some leaves will give up saying “My life’s work is thru,”
Others will try to find a good deed they can do,
Like covering up a tiny seed to keep it safe from harm,
Helping a rose to bloom again by keeping its root warm.

I like to compare the Seasons to our journey through life,
Each season has its happiness, its sorrow and its strife.
I would liken Youth to the fresh new green of Spring
Where life is filled with dreams of what the years will bring.

Summer is Manhood and Womanhood for this is blossom time,
Where building homes and families makes our lives sublime.
Autumn time in life is when our children are grown.
Stepping out on life’s pathways to build homes of their own.

If God in His goodness has kept you from being parted
You and your pal are right back where you started.
And Mom and Dad gaze with pride on a job well done.
They too don their royal robes and take time out for fun.
With grandchildren around them they laugh, love and sing,
Trying hard not to think of what life’s Winter will bring.

As we approach life’s Winter I pray that we might be,
Like the leaves that do good deeds as they fall from the tree.
Helping others to carry on wherever we might live.
Making life worthwhile, if a smile is all we have to give.

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