Fate sails on the wings of the morning,
As each new day is born.
God alone knows where she is going
To deliver a rose or a thorn.

To some she brings sunshine and laughter,
To others heartache and pain –
Here she prevents a disaster,
And there a life she will claim.

We know not where she is going,
Or just when she will call,
But at some time in every life,
Fate reaches one and all.

Today I am very thankful,
For fate has been kind to me –
For almost fifty years,
I was married happily.

We brought three children to this world;
They are still with me today,
Each had their turn in the valley,
But fate has allowed them to stay.

I remember well some years ago,
My little boy then four,
Was struck by an automobile,
Right outside our door.

In the awful weeks that followed,
I sat beside his bed,
Praying that God would let me keep
My little curly head.

While I waited the hand of Fate,
The papers told about
Seven other children’s lives
That Fate had ushered out.

I am sure these other mothers prayed
Just as I had done,
But of the eight, the hand of Fate
Chose to save my son.

I’m grateful, and I pray for strength,
When my crown of thorns must come,
That I can say, “Not mine Oh Lord,
But Thine Own Will Be Done.”

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