A little old man bought a little old house, in a little old town one day
Both looked like they were ready for the saints, but the old man didn’t feel that way.
No one had lived in this little old house for many many years
Folks who passed that way, would often say, ’twas a symbol of natures tears.

After the old man lived there for awhile it took on a different hue,
He tore down he built up and he painted inside and outside too.
Then he tore out weeds and he planted seeds ’til the garden was a glory to see.
Now folks who passed that way would often say, “A miracle it must be”.

They couldn’t help but admire the little old man for the wonderful work he had done
But they thought he had no religion in his heart for to church he did not come.
They told the minister to call on him and help him to understand,
He could never have performed this miracle without the help of God’s hand
Since God was kind enough to help him with this wonderful work.
He should show his appreciation, by coming out to church.

The minister stopped one day as the old man worked in his garden there.
He bowed his head low, with his hands on his hoe, as the minister offered a word of prayer.
They talked about material things for a little while,
The old man nodded his head, to all he said and his face wore a cheery smile.

Then the minister said, “it is a wonderful thing that God has helped you do do,
I suppose you realize my good man that God was working here with you.
Without his help you could not have done this marvelous piece of work,
We think it would be nice for you to show your gratitude by coming out to church.

The expression on the old mans face changed and he shook his head in the other way
The minister said, “He’d never forget the sermon he had preached to him that day”.
I’m sorry parson if folks think I’m ungrateful for really I am not,
There is never a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for the blessings I’ve got.

I know he gave me the strength I needed all this hard work to do,
He gave me the sun, the rain and the soil to work with, the seeds for the flowers too,
No one can work among God’s beautiful flowers without feeling he is very near,
Sometimes I feel he’s so close I could touch him and we talk together right here.
To those folks who think I’m ungrateful, will you please make it known
I want them to remember what this place looked like when God had it all alone.

This story points out, beyond a doubt, how very wrong we can be,
When we judge what another has in their heart by what our eyes may see,
How true it is that God gives us the sun, rain and soil to work with he also produces the seeds
But unless man is willing to take over from there our gardens grow mostly weeds.
So let us keep in mind this message sublime as the trials fo life we weather,
Neither God or man can succeed alone, GOD AND MAN MUST WORK TOGETHER.

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