Read this little story in a magazine one day… Turned it into rhyme
for I liked what it had to say…It holds a splendid message at least
so it seems to me …That God and man must work together in raising a family.
The wind blew a wild rose seed into a woods one day…It fell where it
could,to grow as it would, with only nature to guide its way…Soon its
tender leaves were mingled with weeds, its stem was filled with thorns …
One day to this undernourished plant a lot of flowers were born…
A wild rose can be beautiful but these had no beauty at all…Those who
touched it were torn, by the prick of its thorns, ’twas a symbol of nature’s gall.

The same wind blew a sister seed into a garden plot…The gardner found
it saying, “A rose bush I’ll take care of it and see what we’ve got”…
He pulled the weeds and took care of its needs in the best way he knew,
When he found it was a climber he gave it a trellis to climb on too…
It scampered up the trellis so gayly, grew a foliage of beautiful green
And if you would look at its sturdy stem, hardly a thorn wan seen
Then one day this carefully cared for plant burst Into beautiful bloom
The gardener was so thrilled with his rose bush he plucked a bouquet to brighten his room.

So it is with our children born into different homes … So much depends
before life ends, on where the seed was sown … A child welcomed into a
home given tender and loving care …And its parents ask God in its
guidance to share …Usually from a home like this they turn out a boy
or girl…That proves a blessing to the family and a credit Io the worId.
Oh, the unfortunate child born in a home where love in unknown and God
is completely shut out…Means an unruly child, allowed to run wild
with a soul that is filled with doubt…All who touch it are torn by the
prick of his thorns, and the final result may be …A head bowed In shame
as he signs his name on the records of Juvenile Delinquency.

Once more it proves to me as the trials of life we weather
Neither God or Man can succeed alone, God and Man must work together.

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