How does it feel to be seventy? Well, I’m thankful to be here
And have good health and strength unto my seventy-fifth year.
Now how old do you feel at seventy-five? Well it is not as old as you’d think.
Folks around you seem old at seventy-five, but you feel you are still on the brink.

Then your friends say, “My Dear, you don’t look it,” and that helps an awful lot,
Even though your mirror may tell you, you look every year that you’ve got.
I can remember about thirty years ago, how old I thought I’d be,
If I ever survived and stayed alive until I reached my seventies.

Now that I’ve reached that milestone, I can’t say that I feel old
For I’m still having fun, hope there is more to come as the years unfold.
I’ll admit crossing each new decade sorta gives you a bump,
But the fact you are in your early sixties or seventies for five years, gets you over the hump.
And I am sure that I’ll never feel old as long as I’m able to go,
And share the gift God gave me that helps keep my life aglow.

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