‘Twas in the doctor’s office, this beautiful motto I read,
And if I remember right this is what it said,
“The clock of life is wound but once and only God has power,
To say just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour.
To lose one’s wealth in life is sad, to lose one’s health is more,
To lose one’s soul is really bad and harder to restore.
So live well each day of life; love, laugh and give good will,
Count not upon tomorrow’s plans, the hands may then be still. “

Now this applies to one and all, I think it’s very true,
But I’d like to add a few lines for every me and you.
Sometimes to doctors in this world God gives certain powers
To rewind the clock of life adding days, years and hours.

This they are doing every day, they remove a broken part.
Through surgery they rewind life’s clock and give it a fresh start
If God so wills you can rest assured things will turn out fine,
And soon your precious clock of life will be keeping splendid time,

We should thank God for our doctors and for the nurses, too,
Who through His help, do their part, to make our dreams come true.
May we be forever grateful for the hand that guides the surgeon’s
Adding extra years of comfort by rewinding your clock of life.

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