Now, someone wrote these beautiful lines
That no doubt you all have heard
But I think there’s a world of meaning
In these few little words.

“Teach me first to know myself, O Lord
And then, teach me to know Thyself’
Oh, what a wonderful world this would be
If we all were the people we let others see

If we were not so busy counting the sins
Of those close by
That we might look in the soul
Of the one know as “I”.

And before we found fault with someone else
We would search our own hearts and know thyself
Then we would never use our faith to hide
The ugliness we sometimes are inside.

God has blessed our land abundantly
With gifts that only he can give
We should be very grateful
For this America in which we live.

But it’s time that we did something
To show our appreciation
If we expect God to continue to
Shower blessings on our Nation.

Here we’re free to worship as we choose
But far too many do not choose
And unless we do something about It
That freedom we may loose.

So lets make every day Thanksgiving Day
Not just one day of the year
And thank God with all our hearts
For the blessings we have here.

And pray, not only for peace
But for strength to carry on the trials yet to come
Thai will help us to say –
Not mine, O Lord but Thine Own Will be done.

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