Not long ago, as you all know,
We honored Mother’s Day,
Dad joined the rest, and did his best
To show her in some way,
That she was Queen and reigned supreme
Within his heart and home
And told us kids “she deserves the credit
For the happiness we’ve known”.

Now Mother’s Day has rolled away,
Soon Father’s Day will come
And Ma will join the rest, and do her best
To show us He’s the one
That reigns as King of everything
Within her heart and home
And she’ll say “He deserves the credit
For the happiness we’ve known”.

As Dad rolls his eyes, on sox and ties
His gifts for Father’s Day,
Ma will stand right near, brush off a tear
And then you’ll hear her say,

“The red ones came from Johnny, dear;
The blue ones came from Sue;
They saved up all their pennies
To buy those gifts for you”.

I tried to make them understand
That all the happiness we’ve had
Is because their Mom was smart enough
To pick you for their Dad.
And even though it’s Mother,
Who takes care of all their ills
To remember it’s their Father
Who works to pay the bills.
Ma says that Pa, Pa says that Ma
Is the best friend we have had
But I say God bless them both
Our Mothers and our Dads.

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